Viva Florida Holds 500 Year Birthday Party



Florida Natives are working hard to give you a rewarding visit as you explor Emerald CoastHistoric Coast, and the Lakes District.

Our new arrival is finally here!  500 years later!  1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue and set a course straight for you.  Yes, history draws a wonderful course from the old world to you in modern time.  We have just a little more than a year to prepare to celebrate the first foot falls on La Florida by Europeans 500 years ago.
1513 on the shores of La Florida Juan Ponce de Leon, a Spanish explorer and soldier became the first European to set foot in Florida.  Following history through the centuries European life grew via the area known as St Augustine and so we arrive in today's Modern Florida.  Thanks to St Johns County Tourism Director Glenn Hastings for help in getting the history correct.  Lean more...
Visit St Augustine when you have a chance; you will be glad you did.  Take time for a stroll around the old city and visiting the old Spanish Fort is a must see destination of Best Florida Visit.
Remember when traveling, do your part to be an Ambassador for Florida.  Help the world Discover Florida and enjoy world class adventure. Visit Florida is here to help.
Interested in Native American Culture?  When traveling north visit the Blackfeet indians in Browning Montana along the Lewis and Clark historic route. 
Silver Springs is a must see water source in Central Floirda, Visit Ocala Best and Discover Marion County for great adventure and don't forget your camera

Viva La Florida comes of Age, 500 years old and ready to add another 500 years., We want to use the power of All Florida to share the experience. We'll put our favorite pictures on this site and give some information on how La Florida came to be settled and how we're all doing now.

Governor Rick Scott Kicks off La Florida 500
Understanding the 500 year history of La Florida from the spot you are standing on is our goal.

Hosting the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Heritage Celebration Governor Rick Scott and Secretary of State Kurt Browning Welcomed the Art Community to the Artist Hall of Fame Gala.  

Speaking about Economic and Cultural Opportunity, Scott introduced La Florida 500, a multi year celebration of Florida History and Future. 

Kids Fun Page is a good place to start. 
Click on the Division of Cultural Affairs to learn more.  Educators link you students with the Celebration. 
Get involved in Cultural Affairs,  Explore Florida, Join in and hook up with your social network help the world get involved in the celebration.
1513  Juan Ponce De Leon commanded a small fleet of ships and sighted land in the peninsula they  would name La Florida. 
1536 Hernando de Soto explores La Florida. 

Governor Rick Scott develops a budget to help bring Florida's Economy back to health.
The Florida Art Community joins hands to show images of the Same DNA Columbus saw as he and crew came ashore 500 years ago.
Take a seat and enjoy the Florida Heritage Collection.  
Bring your Camera and join in the fun! 
Governor Rick Scott selects Heritage Month for Viva La Florida introduction of La Florida's rich 500 year history.





Understanding the wildlife that Columbus saw as his foot touched La Florida for the first time.  Artist Don Browning presents the DNA of Columbus' time and our time, with a look 500 years into the future